4000 mp


Central District Viitorului 134 means a boutique project, with 40 generous apartments, divided into 2 buildings, which means a small community, united by the same desire to share our values ​​related to the high quality of life, attention to detail and design. Divided into two buildings and a general basement, with height regime GF + 5F + 6R and GF + 3R + 4R respectively, which communicates through a green pedestrian area, like a living portal, Central District Viitorului 134 will include 10 apartments with 2 rooms, 19 3-room apartments, 8 4-room apartments with private garden or generous terraces and 3 duplex-penthouses with impressive, green terraces, to bring as much of nature as possible in the middle of the concrete.


  • Usable surface area:
    4000 mp
  • Number of units:
    40 apartments
  • Year of finalisation:
  • Certification stage:

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