The Green Homes certification process steps:

Preliminary analysis

  • The Project Developer wishing to certify a certain project, may request a preliminary analysis from RoGBC to assess the feasibility of obtaining a GREEN HOMES certification.
  • The pre-certification process includes an initial video meeting, with an estimated duration of 1.5 to 2 hours, to assess the eligibility of the project.
  • It is recommended to start the process as soon as possible, ideally in the concept stage. Projects in the construction phase may be eligible for certification in the RoGBC GREEN HOMES program, only if they meet all the mandatory minimum requirements for the design stage.

Project registration

  • The Project Developer who wishes to continue the GREEN HOMES certification process will register the project and pay the registration fee. RoGBC will work with the project team and, based on the information already collected in the pre-certification analysis, will further define the applicable criteria. The Project Developer and RoGBC agree to the criteria that will be applied to ensure a minimum required score, along with all other mandatory requirements to meet the criteria set out in the GREEN HOMES certification.
  • The Project Developer signs the Scorecard, which indicates the measures to be taken and the method by which they will be evaluated. After signing this document, the Project Developer can start promoting the project as a “GREEN HOMES Pre-Certificate”, informing potential buyers about the assumed sustainability criteria.
  • Pre-certified projects may also be eligible for inclusion in the RoGBC Green Home Green Mortgage program offered in partnership with a partner bank.
  • Upon completion of the preliminary certification process based on the technical design data and initial energy simulations performed by a RoGBC prefered energy auditor, the preliminary certificate will be issued.

Monitoring the construction site stage and elaboration of specialised studies

  • The Project Developer will include in the contract with the General Contractor the Site Pollution Prevention Plan provided by RoGBC.
  • During the construction stage, RoGBC’s independent consultants will conduct unannounced visits to verify and monitor the implementation of the measures related to the RoGBC’s Site Pollution Prevention Plan.
  • In case of identification of non-conformities, notifications will be sent with a maximum term of repair of 30 days, depending on the type of non-conformity identified.
  • If these non-compliances are not remedied within the set deadline, the final score and implicitly the level of sustainable performance of the certification will be affected. In some cases, the certification will not be awarded. 
  • Specialised studies conducted by independent experts include: Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainable Procurement Plan, Sustainable Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan, Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Radon Test.

Project certification

  • After the completion of the construction phase, RoGBC and a Service Provider – authorised energy auditor analyse the as- built project to confirm whether the criteria detailed in the Scorecard- signed in the preliminary stage have been met.
  • If the project is sold without appliances, the Project Developer informs the buyer about the energy efficiency and installation of appliances at least A + (for example: refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, etc.).
  • Upon receipt of the building, the final list with the score obtained will be provided and, at the same time, it will be provided with either a notification regarding the successful certification of the project or indications regarding the corrective measures that remain to be taken.
  • Provided that all the necessary information has been provided by the Project Developer, RoGBC, through the independent organisation responsible for the verification stage, it has ten working days to complete the analysis of the file and to present its final decision.
  • The final certificate will be obtained only if all the prerequisites and a minimum score of 80 points are achieved.