Maiere Estate is more than a local developer. It is an ambitious project in continuous evolution that proposes new and new solutions for the segment of residential buildings in Timișoara. We come to the local market with a new concept of living – the first smart and sustainable buildings in Timisoara.

Smart compartmentalization is no longer enough for a modern living in a hectic city, so we offer you really smart homes, where you can control the ambient temperature, light and sound wherever you are. Our buildings have solar panels that can supplement up to 30% on bills for heating and cooling, charging stations for electric cars and gardens with irrigation systems that collect and use rainwater. Moreover, building materials are environmentally friendly to provide you with a safe and sustainable, environmentally friendly place.

Maiere Estate is the first developer to build, in Timișoara, a Green Homes certified building, issued by the Romania Green Building Council. With modern facilities and advantages adapted to the needs you have now, we invite you to rediscover the life of the block and to say “home” every day to a new concept of housing.


  • Developer:
    Maiere Realestate
  • Usable surface area:
    800 mp
  • Number of units:
    10 apartments
  • Year of finalisation:
  • Certification stage:

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