2200 mp


Green Apartments offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy a modern, contemporary architectural style of living. The LOFT style has a contemporary architecture, often found and highly appreciated in European construction trends, which includes a minimalist design, uses natural and sustainable materials, and the finishes are durable and over time gain greater value. An asset among all the others is the forest that surrounds the complex. Each apartment overlooks the green area of ​​the forest. Enjoy this infusion of fresh air and the wonderful view.

Close to nature, the residential complex promotes 100% a green living model – a unique concept in Romania, which takes root and develops for a sustainable future, beneficial to your life plans.

Heating, cooling and hot water through geothermal heat pumps

0% CO2 emissions from thermal energy production

Selective waste recycling

100% Green energy


  • Developer:
  • Usable surface area:
    2200 mp
  • Number of units:
    44 apartments
  • Year of finalisation:
  • Certification stage:

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