2640 mp


Designed for a good life

Color and light adorn the natural landscape around Quartier Gramont. As developers, we will integrate nature wherever we can, to create a relaxing environment in which all your senses are stimulated.

Sustainable development and a lifestyle in symbiosis with the environment play a key role in our vision.

As developers, we are dedicated to reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. That is why, for construction, we use the latest materials, so that you will be able to save up to 20% of the costs for heating and cooling your home. Both the location of the project in the immediate vicinity of Carol Park, and the integration of natural elements in the project, will increase air quality compared to other areas in Bucharest.

Another aspect we have in mind is to minimize the impact on the city’s infrastructure, which is why we are building underground parking spaces for all residents and we have purchased a TRAFO station to serve the entire Gramont neighborhood.

A refined living space

Located in the heart of the city, Quartier Gramont is a housing complex, in which the cultural heritage is in the foreground, perfectly placed to explore the eclectic Bucharest. In just a few steps, you can reach Carol Park, the Parliament Palace, the Flower Square or the Unirea Store.

An emblematic living space

Located close to the most important attractions, Quartier Gramont is perfectly positioned to allow you to enjoy everything Bucharest has to offer. Culture: In a few moments, you can reach the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Mausoleum of Carol Park or the Technical Museum, and in a few minutes walk, you can reach the National Museum of History or the National Library. City: In the immediate vicinity, find connections to get where you need to go. A few minutes away is the Unirea Store. from where you will be able to access three metro lines and many surface public transport. Refined lifestyle: Quartier Gramont is ideally located for an active life. In the immediate vicinity you will find internationally awarded cafes, traditional delicacies, you can access one of the best gyms in Bucharest or you can practice team and individual sports at the BNR arenas.


For young families and always curious minds, the Quartier Gramont location is ideal to encourage access to educational institutions. In the immediate vicinity you will find both state and private kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and national colleges, universities and academies.

An exhibition of elegance

With a dynamic and modern architecture that preserves the rich history of the area, each building has been designed to reflect the environment, the surroundings. The existing façade of the former factory has been completely preserved and has been integrated into the new project to pay homage to the Maison Mignot-Boucher Perfumery, one of the first perfumeries in the world.



  • Developer:
  • Usable surface area:
    2640 mp
  • Number of units:
    44 apartments
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