Belvedere Residences is a new philosophy of living, through the smart partitions of apartments, aligned with new housing trends, and the overall infrastructure of the project, which will include many facilities for tenants, such as commercial spaces on the ground floor, green spaces, spacious courtyards , children’s playgrounds, underground and above-ground parking spaces, all integrated into a community that looks to the future with confidence. In total, within Belvedere Residence there will be 1556 apartments in 13 buildings. The first stage of development is already completed and includes 238 apartments grouped in two blocks of 10 levels, with commercial spaces on the ground floor of buildings, with underground and above-ground parking, with an inner courtyard where there will be both playgrounds for children, as well as areas with green spaces. The second stage of development is scheduled to end in August 2019. We have also started the third phase of development, which will include 4 blocks and 482 apartments.


  • Developer:
    PRIMA Development
  • Usable surface area:
    37500 mp
  • Number of units:
    500 apartments
  • Year of finalisation:
  • Certification stage:

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